Manju Basu

Associate Faculty Fellow

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department
College or School
College of Science
Year of Emeritus Status

I completed my degrees up to post-graduate with a B.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Biochemistry), and a D.Sc. in Biochemistry from Calcutta University, India.

I moved to Notre Dame in 1970 when my late husband, Professor Subhash Basu, joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow under his mentorship. I joined the Chemistry faculty as a Research Assistant Professor in 1978, promoted to Associate Faculty fellow in 1988.

After receiving a faculty appointment, I received a prestigious Mizutani Fellowship Grant from the Japanese Biochemical Society as a new investigator. I was Co-investigator for several other Grants from NIH and NCI with Subhash for our work in Glycosphingolipid, an important ligand in colon cancer detection. Later I worked on breast cancer detection before retiring in 1998.

After retiring from Notre Dame, I immediately started working at Bayer Corporation, Elkhart, IN. I continued there until 2008. Dr. Micheal Pugia of Bayer corporation collaborated with Subhash. I worked in Subhash's laboratory as well. I collaborated with Professor Miller in Chemical Engineering, working on the development of Nano-ligands for quick detection of specimens for infection.