Kathleen Peterson

Associate Teaching Professor Emerita

Chemistry & Biochemistry
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College of Science
Year of Emeritus Status

I joined the ND faculty in 1984 as an assistant professional specialist teaching the organic chemistry and biochemistry laboratories. During those years I taught several thousand preprofessional and chemistry students the excitement of experimentation. I also had responsibility for teaching the graduate teaching assistants who worked in the laboratories with our students. Microscale experimental chemistry was introduced to the laboratories in 2006 in order to promote more green chemistry and more environmentally responsible use of chemicals. Subsequently, many environmentally green experiments were introduced
to the labs that our students found interesting,
In retirement from teaching, I have served as a faculty host for the University of Notre Dame Alumni Travel program. I have traveled to all 7 continents and have met so many wonderful ND alumni along the way. I would love to share some of my travel experiences with the ND retiree group. I also have a blog about my trip to Antarctica that some might be interested in. Anyone interested can find it here: sites.nd.edu/kathleen-peterson/expedition-to-antarctica/

Email: peterson.1@nd.edu