Retiree Benefits

Welcome to a listing of the main benefits available to faculty and professional staff retirees of the University of Notre Dame. Some benefits are available to all retirees wherever they might reside in the years after they formally leave Notre Dame. A listing of these can be directly accessed at this link to the site of the Department of Human Resources.

Some professional staff retirees receive defined benefits from an earlier pension plan. They may contact the Office of Human Resources at 574-631-5900 to obtain forms to change their direct deposit or tax withholding.

Other benefits are available at least more readily to those who live in communities close to Notre Dame and in general to those who plan to be more actively engaged in the life of the University and to take full advantage of its very vibrant scope of activities. Some of the most important of these are listed at this link to the site of the Department of Human Resources

The Association of Retired Faculty and Professional Staff monitors all benefits of retirees and in some cases has been instrumental in securing or developing with the assistance of Human Resources the additional benefits that follow:

  • offices for faculty and some clerical support, depending on prior arrangements with the retiree’s department and college,
  • invitation to participate in the Academic Convocations of the University,
  • access to the online University calendar and weekly listing of events,
  • invitations to the President’s Dinner, the opening picnic of the year, and many events and lectures on campus,
  • invitations to three luncheons a year specifically for retired faculty and professional staff (known as the ROND luncheons, the luncheons are preceded by Mass and usually feature a speaker),
  • opportunity to become involved with the Association of Retired Faculty and Professional Staff,
  • opportunity to help represent retirees through service on the Faculty Senate,
  • eligibility for membership in Retirees Dining Club which offers a 25% discount on food items at Legends and the eating venues of the Morris Inn –the membership fee is $30 per year.
  • free valet parking at the Morris Inn when meeting or dining there,
  • discounts at the various locations of the Notre Dame Bookstore and Athletic Shops.

Finally, there are the often very significant though intangible benefits of continued fellowship, both intellectual and social, with those with whom one has served at the University.