The Notre Dame Association of Retired Faculty and Professional Staff (NDRFP) was formed as a University-Recognized Employee Resource Group in 2019 under the office of the University Provost. All retirees from the faculty and from exempt staff positions along with their spouses automatically become members of NDRFP. Spouses of retirees who have died are welcome to continue in the Association. They should indicate their desire to do so by dropping a note to the Vice President of NDRFP within a year after their spouse's death.


The Mission of NDRFP is to foster community and common activities among the retiree(s) and professional faculty both on-site and at remote locations. Through a regularly maintained website, it establishes a retiree(s) liaison network that will communicate news items of importance; it will be a locus for recognition of retiree(s) contributions to the University, to the professions, and the larger community. It provides information on social events, lectures, benefits, and other information of interest to retired staff and professional faculty.

Board of Directors