COVID 19 Testing and Information for Retirees

Author: Kelli Brown

Corona Virus Picture of Virus

There is NO COVID-19 testing available to retirees on the campus including the Wellness Center.
COVID Testing Sites: 
LHI Care Indiana residents are eligible for a COVID 19 nose swab test at no cost at 1901 S. Kemble Avenue, South Bend. Pre-registration is required online at LHI.Care. They will ask you some questions, address, health insurance, etc., then give you a number, which is important to keep for making your appointment, identifying yourself at your appointment, and then for future appointments. This test can also be taken as many times as one deems necessary.
Additional Off-Campus Testing Locations  Note: Prior approval and a possible charge is required in most instances.
The Office of Human Resources of the University has issued the following recommendations and directives of relevance to the retired community concerning Covid-19 precautions:
1.  If emeriti are coming to campus, they can receive masks. Please contact Carol Mullaney of the University Wellness Committee (574) 631-6161 for these.

2. Retirees can use the fitness center facilities but need to call ahead and make an appointment.  The University Health Center is only for students and the Wellness Center is not available to emeriti and retirees.
3.  Emeritus Faculty that are current instructors listed in the Registrar course data are assigned to the daily Health Check application by rule,  which you will receive by e-mail each day.  The Provost’s Office sent out a list of all emeriti Faculty to each appointing department to indicate those who will be on campus.  There are several emeriti that work as research faculty and maintain offices on campus, but are not assigned as instructors.  HR is maintaining a  list of a group of emeriti that have indicated they will be on campus but not teaching. Please notify HR if you have not so indicated. 

In addition, the College of Arts and Letters Dean’s Office  has  issued the following directives particularly governing those  retirees with offices in Flanner Hall:

“During the Fall academic semester that runs until Thanksgiving, it is strongly recommended that you avoid coming to campus or using your office in Flanner unless absolutely necessary. If you do choose to use your office, current health recommendations indicate that your office may be safely occupied by only one person per day. If you share your office with an officemate, you and your officemate should not be in your office at the same time, even for a short while. Please work out with your officemate a timetable that allows each person sole use of the office for an entire day. 

Please be sure to observe all university health regulations: wear a mask, practice social distancing, and follow posted instructions regarding traffic direction, elevator occupancy, and entrance and exit doors.

Given the continuing health crisis and the risks associated with public spaces, you may be thinking about vacating your office permanently. We remind you that the College can arrange (and pay) to pack up the contents of your office and deliver them to any local address. If you are considering vacating your office, please contact Allison Collins ( who can provide more information.”