Recent professional activities by Charles R. Crowell, Professor Emeritus, Psychology

Author: Kelli Brown

Chuck Crowell Professor Emeritus Psychology

Community Service:

Worked with Michigan State Police as a volunteer on a TrustBuilder culture transformation project (see Gasper et. al publication below for a description of this project). My role was to serve as a member of the development team. as well as a member of the communications and strategy teams.

Teaching (including off-campus):

The TrustBuilder Development team was responsible for developing and deploying learning resources for the 50+ police officers who participated in this program.


Christen, M., Narvaez, D., Zenk. J.D., Villano, M., Crowell, C. R., & Moore, D. R. (2021). Trolley dilemma in the sky: Context matters when civilians and cadets make remotely piloted aircraft decisions. PLoS ONE 16(3): e0247273. 

Mujica, A. L., Crowell, C. R., Villano, M. A., & Uddin, K. M. (2022). ADDICTION BY DESIGN: Some Dimensions and Challenges of Excessive Social Media Use. Medical Research Archives, 10(2).

Gasper, J.A., Berges, P., & Crowell, C. R. (2023). Addressing the Trust Crisis: Trust Building and Modern Policing within the Michigan State Police. Police Chief Magazine.

Crowell, C.R. and Berges, P. (2023). The X-Factor in Trust. Whitepaper.

Awards and Honors:

Certificate of Appreciation, June 2023, Michigan State Police.

Other Service to the University and Community:

Founding Director of the Computing & Digital Technologies (CDT) Program in the College of Arts & Letters, served as acting director of the CDT program, 2019-2021.

PI for DOJ awards 2019-DF-BX-K004 and 2019-DF-BX-K004 Supplement, Student Computer Forensics and Digital Evidence Educational Opportunities Program, 2019-2024.

Founding member of Cyber Investigation, Research, and Education (CIRE) initiative at Notre Dame, 2019-present.

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