Recent professional activities by Robert Krieg, Professor Emeritus, Theology

Author: Kelli Brown

Robert A Krieg Professor Emeritus Theology

Community Service:

A volunteer at the food pantry of St. Vincent de Paul.


Robert A. Krieg and Fred R. Dahlmayr, translators and commentators, of Narratives of My Life: Autobiographical Notes by Romano Guardini (Adelaide, Australia: ATF Publishers, 2023).

This book is the translation into English of Romano Guardini’s Berichte über Mein Leben (Düsseldorf: Patmos Verlag, 1984).

Robert A. Krieg, “Living in the Paschal Mystery: The Life, Work, and Sanctity of Romano Guardini,” in Narratives of My Life by Romano Guardini, pp. 103-42.

Fred R. Dahlmayr, “On the Boundary: Romano Guardini, Postmodernity, and Virtue,” in Narratives of My Life by Romano Guardini, pp. 143-66.

Invited Academic Lectures:

Robert A. Krieg, “The Paschal Mystery.” Lectures to the Trappist Community of Mepkin Abbey (Moncks Corner, South Carolina); January 21-22, 2023.

Robert A. Krieg and Brandon R. Peterson, “The Cross: Five Homiletic-Pastoral Approaches," for the Marten Program in Homiletics at the University of Notre Dame; June 22, 2022.

Academic Work in Progress:

Robert A. Krieg and Brandon R. Peterson, Models of the Savior: Toward Ecumenical Mosaics.

This text is provisionally accepted by a university press for publication in 2025.

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