Recent professional activities by Steven R. Schmid, Professor Emeritus, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Author: Kelli Brown

Steven Schmid

Community Service:

American Society of Mechanical Engineers:
Chair, Manufacturing Public Policy Task Force
Member, Intelligent Manufacturing Task Force
Member, Committee on Nominations

Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Sustainability Committee

Teaching (including off-campus):
Distinguished Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Two classes per academic year in the areas of manufacturing, tribology, and design.
Schmid, S.R., Schey's Tribology in Metal Forming, ASM International, 2023.

Journal Papers:

Alamos, F., Philo, M., Go, D.B., and Schmid, S.R., ``Rough surface contact under creep conditions’', Trib. Int., v. 176, December 2022, 107916.

Schmid, S.R., and Melkote, S.N., ``Manufacturing and the Great Resignation,'' Mechanical Engineering, April/May 2022, pp. 38-43.

Alamos, F., Schiltz, J., Kozlovsky, K., Attardo, R., Tomonto, C., Pelletiers, T. and Schmid, S.R., ``Effect of powder reuse on orthopedic metals produced through selective laser sintering''. Manuf. Letters, v. 31, 2022, pp. 40-44.
Schmid, S.R., and Melkote, S.N., ``Manufacturing and National Security,'' Mechanical Engineering, 2021, v. 143, 37-41. Related Podcast, June 6, 2021.
Alamos, F.J., Philo, M., Go, D.B., and Schmid, S.R., ``Asperity contact under creep conditions'', Trib. Int., v. 160, 2021, 107039.
Academic Lectures and Conference Presentations:
"Additive Manufacturing of Silicon Carbide,'' Presented at PRESM 2023, Bankoku Shiryokan, Okinawa, July 16-21, 2023.
"Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Ceramics,'' 2nd International Symposium in Advanced Materials,'' Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, Toyama, Japan, Oct. 17-19, 2022.
Schmid, S.R., ``Developments in Manufacturing Tribology,'' Presented at the International Conference on Precision Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing (PRESM 2022), Jeju, South Korea, July 20-22, 2022.
4. Schmid, S.R., "Fracture Fixation with Resorbable Materials: Opportunities and Design Considerations'', IFMM2022 Symposium: Application of Magnesium to Medical Field, Virtual Conference, March 26, 2022.
Awards and Honors:

David Dornfeld Manufacturing Innovation Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2023.
Member, World Manufacturing Forum, 2021-2022.
Award of Distinction, Manufacturing Engineering Society (Spain), 2021.
Gold Medal, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 2019.

$4.25 million in research funding since 2021 (all as lead PI).

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