The Forever Learning Institute - Fall 2021 Registration begins August 16th

Author: Kelli Brown

Forever Learning Institute Classes for Seniors Logo

Do you have a skill, a talent, a passionate interest to share with others in the community? Do think about the Forever Learning Institute, a place where you can find like-minded folks who want to learn a new skill, discuss books, speak a foreign language, perfect a hobby, and make new friends right here in South Bend. 

Many of us after retiring have enjoyed the Forever Learning Institute, either as students or as teachers. Mike Crowe has taught many courses on his passionate interests in outer space and in Sherlock Holmes. Sonia Gernes leads discussions on short stories. Ruthann Johansen and Jane Doering directed a course on Flannery O'Connor and Simone Weil; the list is long. Any of us would be glad to talk over the details with you if you had any questions. 

Check out the Forever Learning website to appreciate the huge diversity of topics.

Forever Learning Institute was begun by our own Father Putz almost 50 years ago, when he put together both the human desire to continue learning and the rich source of academic experience available in the South Bend area. Not only has the FLI been honored at the 2021 Business of the Year for the Real Services Age of Excellence luncheon, but it is a model of fun, friendship, and delightful activities. Those of us who have participated in the many categories of learning know that you will not be disappointed. 

E. Jane Doering and Mike Crowe