Recent professional activities by Joanne M. Mack, Emerita Professor of Anthropology

Author: Kelli Brown

Joanne Mack, Emerita Professor of Anthropology

Community Service:

Until I moved from South Bend in the Fall of 2019, I worked with the Snite Museum staff and the Native American Collections. I also worked with the small collection of Native American materials at the Department of Anthropology. When I returned to South Bend last summer, I arranged for a collection of Native American books stored by me in the Department of Anthropology to go to the new Curator of Native American and African Art at the new Racalin Museum.

I have continued to advise various federal government agencies in Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Academic Lectures and Conference Presentations:

Since I retired in 2012, I have given at least 3 presentations and lectures each year until 2019. 

2015  Upper Klamath River Frequencies. In Toolstone Geography of the Pacific Northwest, ed. By Terry L. Ozbun & Ron L. Adams. Simon Frazer University Archaeology Press.

During the Covid lockdown, I gave about one presentation a year through Zoom. In 2022 and 2023 I gave one to four presentations a year.

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