Recent professional activities by Peter R. Moody, Professor Emeritus, Political Science

Author: Kelli Brown

Peter Moody, Professor Emeritus of Political Science

Community Service:
I acted as treasurer for the Sacred Heart Parish Conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and also did regular food deliveries. I "retired" from this in 2023 because of health issues.

Journal Papers:
 "The Vatican and Taiwan: An Anomalous Diplomatic Diplomatic Relationship," Journal of Contemporary China, Volume 29 (2020).

Other Service to the University and Community:

Manuscript reviews for the Review of Politics, Journal of Contemporary China, Chinese Journal of Political Science.

Served as Country Expert for the V-Dem project.

My translation of a poem, "Snow on the River," by the Tang scholar Liu Zongyuan, has been included in the New York City Department of Education's 10th-grade curriculum for Asian American and Pacific Islanders, Latin, and Americans with Disabilities.

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