Recent professional activities by Phillip R. Sloan, Emeritus Faculty, Program of Liberal Studies and Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, Concurrent, Department of History

Author: Kelli Brown

Phillip Sloan


Graduate Student Directed Readings Courses, Program in History and Philosophy of Science: Fall 2019, Fall 2023, Spring 2024.

Directing senior thesis, Moreau College Initiative, Westville Prison: Spring 2023.


Essay Review, “ Early Modern Biomechanism an its Contemporary Relevance" (Review of Bertoloni-Meli, Mechanism) Early Science and Medicine, 26 (2021), 97-104.

Chapter: “Phenomenology and the Species Problem,” pp. 201-225 In: Philosophy, History and Biology: Essays in Honour of Jean Gayon. (Cham: Springer, 2023.

Awards and Honors:

Invited Gold Mass Lecture, College of Science “Technoscience and Human Transcendence: Interfacing Biotechnology and Catholic Faith” November 15, 2021.

Academic Lectures and Conferences:

“Misreading Bohr: Light and Life and its Misinterpretations.” International Conference on Niels Bohr’s Influence Outside of Physics. Copenhagen, August 2023 (invited).

“Contemporary Biology and Religious Tradition: a Catholic Perspective”. Symposium on Teaching the History of Science in Religious Institutions, Annual Meeting, History of Science Society, Portland, November 2023 (invited).

Lecture: “Preformationism and the Dobbs Decision” History and Philosophy of Science Lecture, November 2022.

Organizer and Commentator for Session on Cartesianism and Medicine, Annual Meeting of History of Science Society, Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2019.

“Lecture on College in Prison,” Holy Cross Village Lecture Series, December 2023 (invited).

Service to University:

Communications Officer and Member of Board, Notre Dame Association of Retired Faculty and Professional Staff, 2010-Present

Faculty Senator for Emeriti Faculty, 2012-2022.